Fuse Tsang

Fuse Tsang is a graphic designer and art director who focuses on editorial, infographic and exhibition projects. Adopting a content-driven approach, she helps to build a creative structure around ideas and content, in order to bring forth a narrative that is accessible, relevant and insightful to the audiences.

MINO Digital

MINO Digital is a WordPress Development company that cares about profit, where they help service-based businesses who struggle to turn attention to leads by building fast and clean websites.


BONE STUDIO is a Hong Kong based Design Studio. We have solid experience in advertising and design industry. We provide design solution for Advertising, Branding, Graphic Design and Digital UI. Also we work closely with creative partners (Video director, Photographer, Painter, Retoucher, 3D-Render Talent, Animator, Programmer and Print Production) to handle integrated project.

miso info design